Stir frying eggs and veggies at 11:10am I wonder, “will this be my last home cooked meal for a few days?”

With all the pre-storm weather bomb reporting, this Nor’ Easter has been described as a major wind event, I’m left with the question – “Will we loose power, or when?”

Our lights flickered. Just then the radio newscaster reports there are now 8000 Nova Scotia Power customers without power according to NSP.

A quick check to NSP’s online outage info reveals the number has doubled, in less than an hour. As of 11:55 am 16,283 customers are without power. Some outages are mere blocks from us.

I’m glad I have the wood stove fired up and throwing heat. Battery operated radio, flashlights and candles at the ready, water are jugs filled.

Wind’s up. Gusts could be between 110 and 130 kilometres per hour according to CBC’s Cailin Mitchell.

Rain is pelting down. So far no snow for us.