CanREA’s Director of Energy Storage, Leonard Olin, knows the value of energy storage. In the association’s newly released Laying the Foundation Paper, he points out priorities for supporting the decarbonization of Canada’s electricity grid with energy storage.

Olin outlines six priority action areas: education, review and inform regulatory frameworks, expand market structures, optimize grid utilization, promote energy storage in off-grid Indigenous and remote communities and advance sustainable development. For each of these areas a challenge to overcome is presented, key solutions are identified, and specific actions recommended by CanREA are outlined.

It is well understood that dynamic and versatile energy storage technologies will be the cornerstone of Canada’s energy transition,’ says Robert Hornung, CanREA’s President and CEO.

Overall, “energy storage can provide key flexibility services, and support electricity system reliability, as Canada develops its untapped wind and solar energy resources,”says Olin.

Details can be found in the paper on CanREA’s website.