Applications opened on July 31st and are being accepted until September 29, 2017 for Nova Scotia’s Solar for Community Buildings Program. (see June 9, 2017 blog post) That’s a short window unless groups got wind of this program during it’s genesis stage. Home-Powerswitch-Renewable-Energy

According to the Nova Scotia Department of Energy link called ‘Solar Electricity for Community Buildings Pilot Program,’ eligible organizations are:

  • Mi’Kmaq bands in Nova Scotia
  • Registered non-profit or charitable organizations
  • municipalities or organizations wholly owned by a municipality
  • universities or community colleges

The maximum size of a project allowable under this program is 50 kW worth of panels. There is no minimum size. If you wish you can apply for this program with only one solar panel. But would the time and effort to apply be worth it?

The amount of space you have on your roof or property for panels, and the amount of sun you receive free of shade from other buildings or trees, determines how much electricity you can produce.

Under ideal conditions, a well-sited solar array produces about 1,100 kWh every year for each kW of panels. If you constructed a 2O kilowatt solar array, and sold your electricity for 10 cents per kilowatt hour, you could receive around $2200.00 each full year, from your utility. The Department of Energy ran the numbers at a rate of twenty five cents per kilowatt hour. But it’s a competitive bidding process. If you ask for too high a price for the electricity you generate your project won’t be selected. Government doesn’t want this roll out to impact ratepayers across the province.

If you have questions the NS Dept. of Energy invites you to direct them via email to