Many parts of Halifax did loose power yesterday, including us, but Cam Farnell did not loose his electricity in his Tantallon home, because at his off grid home he was self generating his own solar electricity. When the sun went down

Cam Farrell’s off grid solar powered house in Upper Tantallon, NS

he had enough energy stored in his made in Nova Scotia lead acid battery bank to meet his evening electrical needs.

The photo to the right shows twelve of his large solar panels are photovoltaic, the kind that generate electricity.

The other large panels, are solar thermal, made in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They pre-heat his domestic hot water. The two smaller panels are photovoltaics that produce electricity to power the hot water system. If you had only the solar thermal panels (powered by the two small PV panels) in a grid connected home, in a storm related power outage and your power went out, you would still have hot water, at least for several hours, and longer if the sun shone again after the storm.